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Services & Capabilities
Double disc grinding has the unique ability to accurately remove stock from a part as it floats in a custom fixture between two abrasive wheels.  To relieve heat stress and hold tolerance, the part is cooled by a constant heavy flow of coolant.  Two parallel sides are ground, allowing for precision stock removal and high tolerance. 
This form of grinding allows the customer many advantages over less conventional methods of grinding.

Improvements in finish and tolerance, lowering costs and giving our customers greater efficiency are always our goals.  Our customers, and more importantly, their customers will typically experience higher quality work in their processes.

Allied Disc Grinding, Inc. has the capability to grind two, four or six sides in a wide variety of materials, magnetic as well as non-magnetic, including aluminim, nickel, tungsten, titanium, stainless & most other steels, copper, brass, bronze and delrin.  We have the double disc grinder, support and inspection equipment to grind most parts up to 12" square.  Metal cutting of bar form material is also available to assist our customers in decreasing production time.  Have your material drop-shipped to us and we will cut and grind it for you, providing you with the basis for your machining.

Our expertise & knowledge extend towards grinding various shapes such as bars, discs, stampings, washers, castings, plates and especially blocks.  Whether a prototype operation or high volume work, Allied Disc Grinding, Inc. has the ability to complete a job to your specifications.

Since a majority of our customer base is still located in the general Bay Area, we offer a pick up and delivery service on Tuesdays & Thursdays of every week.  Please contact us for our logistical service area.

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